Food SciComm Department

Our research department comprises food and agriculture science experts, dietitians, academics, and subject matter specialists who conduct …

Creativity And Design Department

Our creativity and design department is composed of designers, graphic artists, illustrators, psychologists, sociologists, and communication experts.

Projects Department

Every client project is managed by at least one member from the research department and at least one member from the creativity department.

About Us

Understanding Science with FoodSciComm

We strive to equip consumers with accurate information and tools to build resilience against harmful, false, and misleading information. We offer solutions to key players in academia, the food industry, media agencies, and beyond. Our innovative and creative services bridge the gap between multiple stakeholders.

Our mission is to protect consumers’ health from harmful misinformation. We aim to make the world a better place in the realm of food science communication and to be the leading voice of positive change.

We Provide Best Services

Our initiatives, services and platforms are designed to empower key players in knowledge, creation and communication. Our services is active in several European Countries. We accept international projects in English, German, Spanish and German.

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We are on the lookout for talented people who want to take part in helping accurate communication in the Food and Beverage sector. Does this sound like you? Explore our employment opportunities.